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Description[edit] The leaves are usually opposite, simple, and in many species hairy, often densely so. The flowers are small, with five petals, and borne in dense spikes. Typically some shade of blue, they may also be white, pink, or purple, especially in cultivars. The genus can be divided into a diploid North American and a polyploid South American lineage, both with a base chromosome number of seven. The European species is derived from the North American lineage. It seems that verbena as well as the related mock vervains (Glandularia) evolved from the assemblage provisionally treated under the genus name Junellia; both other genera were usually included in the Verbenaceae until the 1990s.[3] Intergeneric chloroplast gene transfer by an undetermined mechanism – though probably not hybridization – has occurred at least twice from vervains to Glandularia, between the ancestors of the present-day South American lineages and once more recently, between V. orcuttiana or V. hastata and G. bipinnatifida. In addition, several species of verbena are of natural hybrid origin; the well-known garden vervain has an entirely muddy history. The relationships of this close-knit group are therefore hard to resolve with standard methods of computational phylogenetics.[4]

Cultivation[edit] Purpletop vervain (V. bonariensis) as an ornamental plant Some species, hybrids and cultivars of verbena are used as ornamental plants. They are drought-resistant, tolerating full to partial sun, and enjoy well-drained, average soils. Plants are usually grown from seed. Some species and hybrids are not hardy and are treated as half-hardy annuals in bedding schemes.[5] They are valued in butterfly gardening in suitable climates, attracting Lepidoptera such as the Hummingbird hawk-moth, Chocolate albatross, or the Pipevine swallowtail, and also hummingbirds, especially V. officinalis, which is also grown as a honey plant. The hybrid cultivars "Silver Anne"[6] and "Sissinghurst"[7] have gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Pests and diseases[edit] For some verbena pathogens, see List of verbena diseases. Cultivated verbenas are sometimes parasitized by Sweet potato whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) and spread this pest to other crops.

Other uses[edit] Verbena has longstanding use in herbalism and folk medicine, usually as an herbal tea. Nicholas Culpeper's 1652 The English Physitian discusses folk uses. Among other effects, it may act as a galactagogue (promotes lactation) and possibly sex steroid analogue. The plants are also sometimes used as abortifacient. Verbena has been listed as one of the 38 plants used to prepare Bach flower remedies,[8] a kind of alternative medicine promoted for its effect on health. However, according to Cancer Research UK, "there is no scientific evidence to prove..." that flower remedies can boost the immune system.[9] The essential oil of various species, mainly common vervain, is traded as "Spanish verbena oil". Considered inferior to oil of lemon verbena in perfumery, it is of some commercial importance for herbalism and it seems to be a promising source of medical compounds. Verveine, the famous green liqueur from the region of Le Puy-en-Velay (France) is flavored with these vervains.[citation needed]

In culture[edit] See also: Verbena (disambiguation) common vervain (V. officinalis) from Deutschlands Flora in Abbildungen by Johann Georg Sturm and Jacob Sturm, 1796 Verbena has long been associated with divine and other supernatural forces. It was called "tears of Isis" in ancient Egypt, and later called "Hera's tears". In ancient Greece it was dedicated to Eos Erigineia. In the early Christian era, folk legend stated that V. officinalis was used to staunch Jesus' wounds after his removal from the cross. It was consequently called "holy herb" or (e.g. in Wales) "Devil's bane".[citation needed] Vervain flowers are engraved on cimaruta, Italian anti-stregheria charms.[citation needed] In the 1870 The History and Practice of Magic by "Paul Christian" (Jean-Baptiste Pitois) it is employed in the preparation of a mandragora charm.[10] The book also describes its antiseptic capabilities (p. 336), and use as a protection against spells (pp. 339, 414).[11] While common vervain is not native to North America, it has been introduced there and for example the Pawnee have adopted it as an entheogen enhancer and in oneiromancy (dream divination), much as Calea zacatechichi is used in Mexico. The generic name is the Latin term for a plant sacred to the ancient Romans.[12][13] Pliny the Elder describes verbena presented on Jupiter altars; it is not entirely clear if this referred to a verbena rather than the general term for prime sacrificial herbs.[verification needed] The common names of verbena in many Central and Eastern European languages often associate it with iron. These include for example the Dutch IJzerhard ("iron-hard"), Danish Læge-Jernurt ("medical ironwort"), German Echtes Eisenkraut ("true ironherb"), Slovak Železník lekársky ("medical ironherb"), and Hungarian vasfű ("iron grass"). An indeterminate vervain[verification needed] is among the plants on the eighth panel of the New World Tapestry (Expedition to Cape Cod).[citation needed] In the Victorian language of flowers, verbena held the dual meaning of enchantment and sensibility.[14]

Selected species[edit] See also Aloysia, Glandularia and Junellia for species formerly placed here. Verbena alata Cham. Verbena andalgalensis Moldenke Verbena atacamensis Reiche Verbena australis Moldenke Verbena balansae Briq. Verbena bangiana Moldenke Verbena berterii (Meisn.) Schauer Verbena berterii f. albiflora Moldenke Verbena berterii f. berterii Verbena bonariensis L. – Purpletop vervain, clustertop vervain, tall verbena, pretty verbena, "South American vervain", "purpletop" Verbena bracteata Lag. & Rodr. – Large-bracted vervain Verbena brasiliensis – Brazilian verbena, Brazilian vervain Verbena californica – California vervain, Red Hills vervain Verbena canescens Kunth - Gray vervain Verbena caniuensis Moldenke Verbena carnea Medik. Verbena carolina L. - Carolina vervain Verbena carollata Briq. Verbena catamarcensis Moldenke Verbena chacensis Moldenke Verbena clavata Ruiz & Pav. Verbena cloverae Moldenke - Clover's vervain Verbena cochabambensis Moldenke Verbena concepcionis Moldenke Verbena cumingii Moldenke Verbena cuneifolia Ruiz & Pav. Verbena × deamii Verbena delicatula Mart. & Zucc. Verbena demissa Verbena ehrenbergiana Schauer - Ehrenberg's vervain Verbena × engelmannii Verbena ephedroides Cham. Verbena ephedroides var. entreriensis Tronc. Verbena ephedroides var. ephedroides Verbena fasciculata Benth. Verbena ferreyrae Moldenke Verbena filicaulis Schauer Verbena gentryi Moldenke Verbena glabrata Kunth Verbena glutinosa Kuntze Verbena goyazensis Moldenke Verbena gracilescens (Cham.) Herter Verbena gracilis Desf. - Fort Huachuca vervain Verbena grisea B.L.Rob. & Greenm. Verbena halei – Texas Vervain Small Munir (sometimes included in V. officinalis) Texas vervain Verbena hastata – Swamp verbena, blue vervain Verbena hayekii Moldenke Verbena hintonii Moldenke Verbena hirta Spreng. Verbena hispida Ruiz & Pav. Verbena imbricata Wooton & Standl. Verbena inamoena Briq. Verbena intermedia Gillies & Hook. Verbena intermedia f. albiflora Moldenke Verbena intermedia f. intermedia Verbena intermedia var. intermedia Verbena intermedia var. lanuginosa Moldenke Verbena johnstonii (Moldenke) G.L.Nesom Verbena kuhlmannii Moldenke Verbena landbeckii Phil. Verbena lasiostachys Link - Western vervain Verbena lindbergi Moldenke Verbena lindmanii Briq. Verbena litoralis Kunth - Seashore vervain Verbena lobata Vell. Verbena longifolia M.Martens & Galeotti Verbena lucanensis Moldenke Verbena macdougalii A.Heller - MacDougal Vervain Verbena macrodonta L.M.Perry Verbena malmii Moldenke Verbena menthifolia Benth. - Mint vervain Verbena minutiflora Briq. Verbena montevidensis Spreng. - Uruguayan verbena Verbena monticola Moldenke Verbena multiglandulosa Moldenke Verbena neomexicana (A.Gray) Small - Hillside vervain Verbena neomexicana var. hirtella L.M.Perry Verbena neomexicana var. neomexicana Verbena neomexicana var. xylopoda L.M.Perry Verbena nivea Moldenke Verbena occulta Moldenke Verbena officinalis – Common vervain, simpler's joy, holy herb, mosquito plant, wild hyssop, herb of the Cross (Type species) Verbena orcuttiana L.M.Perry Verbena ovata Cham. Verbena paraguariensis Moldenke Verbena paranensis Moldenke Verbena parvula Hayek Verbena paulensis Moldenke Verbena paulsenii Phil. Verbena pedicellata Moldenke Verbena perennis Wooton - Pinleaf Vervain Verbena × perriana Verbena pinetorum Moldenke - Chihuanhuan vervain Verbena plicata Greene - Fanleaf vervain Verbena polycephala Turcz. Verbena porrigens Phil. Verbena pseudojuncea Gay Verbena ramboi Moldenke Verbena ramulosa Phil. Verbena recta Kunth Verbena rectiloba Moldenke Verbena regnelliana Moldenke Verbena reineckii Moldenke Verbena reitzii Moldenke Verbena ribifolia Walp. Verbena rigida Spreng. - Tuberous vervain Verbena rigida var. obovata (Hayek) Moldenke Verbena rigida var. rigida Verbena riparia Raf. ex Small & A.Heller - Riverbank vervain Verbena robusta Greene Verbena runyonii Moldenke - Rio Grande vervain Verbena russellii Moldenke Verbena × rydbergii Verbena scabra Vahl - Sandpaper vervain Verbena scabrella Sessé & Moc. Verbena sedula Moldenke Verbena simplex Lehm. – Narrow-leaved vervain Verbena spartioides Turcz. Verbena speciosa[verification needed] Verbena sphaerocarpa L.M.Perry Verbena storeoclada Briq. Verbena stricta Vent. – Hoary vervain Verbena strigosa Cham. Verbena subuligera Greene Verbena supina L. - Supine vervain Verbena swiftiana Moldenke Verbena tecticaulis Tronc. Verbena tessmannii Moldenke Verbena teucroides[verification needed] Verbena thymoides Cham. Verbena tomophylla Briq. Verbena townsendii Svenson Verbena trachea Phil. Verbena trifida Kunth Verbena triphylla L.[verification needed] Verbena triternata Phil. Verbena urticifolia – White vervain Verbena valerianoides Kunth Verbena variabilis Moldenke Verbena villifolia Hayek Verbena weberbaueri Hayek Verbena xutha Lehm. - Gulf Vervain[15]

Gallery[edit] Large-bracted Vervain (V. bracteata) Verbena rigida Verbena speciosa Hoary Vervain (V. stricta) Lemon Verbena, Aloysia citrodora (formerly in Lippia), a close relative of true Verbenas

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