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Overview[edit] Most species are hermaphrodites, Rubus chamaemorus being an exception. The blackberries, as well as various other Rubus species with mounding or rambling growth habits, are often called brambles. However, this name is not used for those like the raspberry that grow as upright canes, or for trailing or prostrate species, such as most dewberries, or various low-growing boreal, arctic, or alpine species. The generic name means blackberry in Latin and was derived from the word ruber, meaning "red".[6] The scientific study of brambles is known as "batology". Examples of the hundreds of species of Rubus include: Rubus aboriginum – garden dewberry Rubus abundus Rubus aculiferus Rubus adenocaulis Rubus adenotrichos Rubus adjacens Rubus alaskensis Rubus allegheniensis – Allegheny blackberry Rubus alnifolius Rubus alpinus Rubus alter Rubus alumnus Rubus amplior Rubus andrewsianus Rubus apogaeus Rubus aptatus Rubus arcticus – Arctic raspberry Rubus arcuans Rubus arenicola Rubus argutus Rubus arizonensis – Arizona dewberry Rubus armeniacus – Himalayan blackberry Rubus arvensis Rubus audax Rubus baileyanus Rubus bartonianus Rubus bellobatus Rubus bicknellii Rubus biformispinus Rubus bifrons Rubus bigelovianus Rubus blanchardianus Rubus boyntonii Rubus burnhamii Rubus bushii Rubus caesius – European dewberry Rubus canadensis – Canadian blackberry Rubus centralis Rubus chamaemorus – Cloudberry Rubus clarus Rubus conanicutensis Rubus concameratus Rubus coriifolius Rubus coronarius Rubus coreanus – Bokbunja Rubus costaricanus Rubus cubitans Rubus cuneifolius – sand blackberry Rubus curtipes Rubus cymosus Rubus dalibarda Rubus deamii Rubus defectionis Rubus deliciosus Rubus densissimus Rubus depavitus – Aberdeen dewberry Rubus discolor Rubus dissimilis Rubus domingensis Rubus durescens Rubus durus Rubus eggersii Rubus elegantulus Rubus ellipticus Rubus emeritus Rubus eriocarpus Rubus exeter Rubus exsularis Rubus fagifolius Rubus fecundus Rubus felix Rubus ferrugineus Rubus flagellaris – northern dewberry Rubus flavinanus Rubus floricomus Rubus florulentus Rubus fraternalis Rubus frondisentis Rubus frondosus Rubus fruticosus agg. – blackberry Rubus fryei Rubus furtivus Rubus geniculatus Rubus geoides – Patagonian raspberry Rubus glandicaulis Rubus glaucifolius – San Diego raspberry Rubus glaucus Rubus gnarus Rubus grimesii Rubus griseus Rubus gulosus Rubus hancinianus Rubus hanesii Rubus harmonicus Rubus hawaiensis Rubus heterophyllus Rubus hispidoides Rubus hispidus – swamp dewberry Rubus hochstetterorum – Azorean blackberry Rubus humistratus Rubus huttonii Rubus hypolasius Rubus ictus Rubus idaeus – European red raspberry Rubus illecebrosus Rubus immanis Rubus impar Rubus inclinis Rubus inferior Rubus iniens Rubus insons Rubus insulanus Rubus invisus – upland dewberry Rubus irasuensis Rubus ithacanus Rubus jacens Rubus jamaicensis Rubus junceus Rubus kelloggii Rubus kennedyanus Rubus laciniatus – cutleaf evergreen blackberry Rubus largus Rubus lasiococcus – roughfruit berry Rubus latens Rubus lawrencei Rubus leucodermis – whitebark raspberry or western raspberry Rubus leviculus Rubus liebmannii Rubus linkianus Rubus longii Rubus macraei Rubus macrogongylus Rubus macrophyllus Rubus macvaughii Rubus maniseesensis Rubus meracus Rubus michiganensis Rubus mirus Rubus miser Rubus missouricus Rubus mollior Rubus montensis Rubus multifer Rubus multiformis Rubus multispinus Rubus navus Rubus nefrens Rubus nelsonii Rubus neomexicanus Rubus nigerrimus Rubus nivalis Rubus niveus Rubus notatus Rubus novanglicus Rubus noveboracus Rubus novocaesarius Rubus obsessus Rubus obvius Rubus occidentalis – black raspberry Rubus odoratus – flowering raspberry Rubus oklahomus Rubus originalis Rubus ortivus Rubus ostryifolius Rubus paganus Rubus palmeri Rubus paludivagus Rubus parcifrondifer Rubus parlinii Rubus particeps Rubus particularis Rubus parviflorus – thimbleberry Rubus parvifolius – small-leaf bramble (Australia) Rubus pascuus Rubus pedatus Rubus pensilvanicus – Pennsylvania blackberry Rubus pergratus Rubus permixtus Rubus pernagaeus Rubus persistens Rubus perspicuus Rubus pervarius Rubus philadelphicus Rubus philyrophyllus Rubus phoenicolasius – wineberry Rubus pittieri Rubus plexus Rubus plicatifolius Rubus plus Rubus porteri Rubus positivus Rubus prestonensis Rubus pringlei Rubus probabilis Rubus probativus Rubus probus Rubus prosper Rubus provincialis Rubus pubescens – dwarf red blackberry Rubus pugnax Rubus pumilus Rubus quaesitus Rubus racemiger Rubus randolphiorum Rubus recurvans Rubus recurvicaulis Rubus reflexus – Rusty-hair Raspberry Rubus regionalis Rubus repens Rubus riograndis Rubus roribaccus Rubus rosa Rubus rosarius Rubus rosifolius Rubus rossbergianus Rubus russeus Rubus rydbergianus Rubus saltuensis Rubus sapidus Rubus saxatilis – stone bramble Rubus scambens Rubus scandens Rubus sceleratus Rubus schiedeanus Rubus schoolcraftianus Rubus segnis Rubus semisetosus Rubus setosus Rubus severus Rubus sewardianus Rubus sieboldii Rubus signatus Rubus sons Rubus spectabilis – salmonberry Rubus spectatus Rubus steelei Rubus stipulatus Rubus strigosus – American red raspberry Rubus superbus Rubus suppar Rubus suus Rubus tardatus Rubus tholiformis Rubus tomentosus Rubus trichomallus Rubus trifidus – Japanese blackberry Rubus trifrons Rubus trivialis Rubus tuerckheimii Rubus tygartensis Rubus ucetanus Rubus uhdeanus Rubus ulmifolius Rubus uniformis Rubus ursinus – trailing blackberry Rubus uvidus Rubus variispinus Rubus velox Rubus verae-crucis Rubus vermontanus Rubus vestitus Rubus vigilis Rubus vigoratus Rubus vulcanicola Rubus weatherbyi Rubus whartoniae Rubus wheeleri Rubus wisconsinensis R. arcticus R. odoratus R. saxatilis R. ellipticus var. obcordatus R. ulmifolius R. chamaemorus The British National Collection of Rubus is held by Barry Clark at Houghton, Hampshire. His collection stands at over 200 species and, although not within the scope of the National Collection, he also grows many cultivars.[7][8]

Hybrid berries[edit] R. phoenicolasius R. hirsutus The term "hybrid berry" is often used collectively for those fruits in the genus Rubus which have been developed mainly in the USA and UK in the last 130 years. As Rubus species readily interbreed and are apomicts (able to set seed without fertilisation), the parentage of these plants is often highly complex, but is generally agreed to include cultivars of blackberries, (Rubus ursinus, R. fruticosus) and raspberries (R. idaeus). The hybrid berries include:-[9] Loganberry (California, USA, 1883) R. × loganobaccus, a spontaneous cross between R. ursinus 'Aughinbaugh' and R. idaeus 'Red Antwerp' Boysenberry (USA, 1920s) a cross between R. idaeus and R. × loganobaccus Veitchberry (Europe, 1930s) a cross between R. fruticosus and R. idaeus Marionberry (1956) now thought to be a blackberry cultivar R. 'Marion' Silvanberry, R. 'Silvan', a cross between R. 'Marion' and boysenberry Tayberry (Dundee, Scotland, 1979), another blackberry/raspberry cross Tummelberry, R. 'Tummel', from the same Scottish breeding programme as tayberry Hildaberry (1980s), a tayberry/boysenberry cross discovered by an amateur grower

Scientific classification[edit] R. caesius R. parviflorus The genus Rubus is a very complex one, particularly the blackberry/dewberry subgenus (Rubus), with polyploidy, hybridization, and facultative apomixis apparently all frequently occurring, making species classification of the great variation in the subgenus one of the grand challenges of systematic botany. Rubus species have a basic chromosome number of seven. Polyploidy from the diploid (14 chromosomes) to the tetradecaploid (98 chromosomes) is exhibited. Some treatments have recognized dozens of species each for what other, comparably qualified botanists have considered single, more variable species. On the other hand, species in the other Rubus subgenera (such as the raspberries) are generally distinct, or else involved in more routine one-or-a-few taxonomic debates, such as whether the European and American red raspberries are better treated as one species or two. (In this case, the two-species view is followed here, with Rubus idaeus and R. strigosus both recognized; if these species are combined, then the older name R. idaeus has priority for the broader species.) Molecular data have backed up classifications based on geography and chromosome number, but following morphological data, such as the structure of the leaves and stems, do not appear to produce a phylogenetic classification.[10] The classification presented below[citation needed] recognizes 13 subgenera within Rubus, with the largest subgenus (Rubus) in turn divided into 12 sections. Representative examples are presented, but many more species are not mentioned here. R. idaeus R. fruticosus R. laciniatus R. hawaiensis R. spectabilis var. spectabilis Commercially produced R. strigosus raspberries R. rosifolius Subgenus Anoplobatus Rubus aboriginum (garden dewberry) Rubus aliceae Rubus deliciosus Rubus koehleri Rubus neomexicanus Rubus odoratus Rubus parviflorus (thimbleberry) Subgenus Chamaebatus Rubus calycinus Rubus hayata-koidzumii Rubus nivalis (snow raspberry) Rubus pectinellus Subgenus Chamaemorus Rubus chamaemorus Rubus pseudochamaemorus Subgenus Comaropsis Rubus geoides Subgenus Cylactis Rubus arcticus Rubus fockeanus Rubus humulifolius Rubus lasiococcus Rubus pedatus Rubus saxatilis Rubus sierrae Rubus xanthocarpus Subgenus Diemenicus Rubus gunnianus Subgenus Dalibardastrum Rubus amphidasys Rubus nepalensis Rubus tricolor Rubus tsangiorum Subgenus Idaeobatus Rubus acuminatissimus Rubus adenophorus (syn. R. sagatus) Rubus alexeterius Rubus alpestris Rubus amabilis Rubus apetalus Rubus archboldianus Rubus aurantiacus Rubus biflorus Rubus chingii Rubus cockburnianus Rubus columellaris Rubus copelandii Rubus corchorifolius Rubus coreanus Rubus crataegifolius Rubus croceacanthus Rubus ellipticus Rubus eustephanos Rubus flosculosus Rubus fraxinifolius Rubus glabricarpus Rubus grayanus Rubus hawaiensis Rubus hirsutus Rubus hoffmeisterianus Rubus hypargyrus Rubus idaeus Rubus illecebrosus Rubus innominatus Rubus inopertus Rubus irritans Rubus komarovii Rubus lasiostylus Rubus leucodermis Rubus ludwigii Rubus lutescens Rubus macilentus Rubus macraei Rubus mesogaeus Rubus microphyllus Rubus minusculus Rubus niveus Rubus occidentalis Rubus palmatus Rubus parvifolius Rubus peltatus Rubus pentagonus Rubus phoenicolasius Rubus pileatus Rubus pinfaensis Rubus pinnatus Rubus probus Rubus pungens Rubus queenslandicus Rubus racemosus Rubus rigidus Rubus rosifolius Rubus sachalinensis Rubus simplex Rubus spectabilis Rubus stans Rubus strigosus Rubus suavissimus Rubus subornatus Rubus sumatranus Rubus teledapos Rubus thibetanus Rubus trianthus Rubus trifidus Rubus vernus Subgenus Lampobatus Rubus acanthophyllos Rubus adenothallus Rubus adenotrichos Rubus betonicifolius Rubus bogotensis Rubus briareus Rubus bullatus Rubus choachiensis Rubus coriaceus Rubus costaricanus Rubus eggersii Rubus eriocarpus Rubus fagifolius Rubus florulentus Rubus gachetensis Rubus giganteus Rubus glabratus Rubus glaucus Rubus hondurensis Rubus imperialis Rubus irasuensis Rubus macvaughianus Rubus megalococcus Rubus nubigenus Rubus peruvianus Rubus roseus Rubus sapidus Rubus shankii Rubus trichomallus Rubus turquinensis Subgenus Malachobatus Rubus acuminatus Rubus alceifolius Rubus assamensis Rubus bambusarum Rubus buergeri Rubus chroosepalus Rubus chrysophyllus Rubus elongatus Rubus fairholmianus Rubus flagelliflorus Rubus fockei Rubus formosensis Rubus gardnerianus Rubus glomeratus Rubus henryi Rubus hunanensis Rubus ichangensis Rubus irenaeus Rubus kawakamii Rubus lambertianus Rubus lineatus Rubus moluccanus Rubus multibracteatus Rubus paniculatus Rubus parkeri Rubus pseudosieboldii Rubus pyrifolius Rubus rolfei Rubus rugosus Rubus setchuenensis Rubus sieboldii Rubus splendidissimus Rubus swinhoei Rubus tephrodes Rubus tiliaceus Rubus wardii Rubus xanthoneurus Subgenus Micranthobatus Rubus australis Rubus cissoides Rubus moorei Rubus nebulosus Rubus parvus Rubus schmidelioides Rubus squarrosus Subgenus Orobatus Rubus loxensis Subgenus Rubus (formerly known as subgenus Eubatus) Sections Sect. Allegheniensis Rubus allegheniensis Rubus alumnus Rubus pennus Sect. Arguti Rubus abactus Rubus andrewsianus Rubus argutus Rubus frondosus Rubus orarius Rubus ostryifolius Rubus pensilvanicus Rubus recurvans Sect. Caesii Rubus caesius Sect. Canadenses Rubus canadensis Rubus kennedyanus Sect. Corylifolii Rubus adenoleucus Rubus aureolus Rubus babingtonianus Rubus britannicus Rubus camptostachys Rubus conjungens Rubus cyclomorphus Rubus dissimulans Rubus dumetorum Rubus eluxatus Rubus fabrimontanus Rubus fioniae Rubus gothicus Rubus lamprocaulos Rubus mortensenii Rubus nemorosus Rubus seebergensis Rubus tuberculatus Rubus wahlbergii Sect. Cuneifolii Rubus cuneifolius Sect. Flagellares Rubus arundelanus Rubus biformispinus Rubus deamii Rubus enslenii Rubus flagellaris Sect. Hispidi Rubus hispidus Sect. Rubus (also known as Rubus fruticosus agg.) Rubus acheruntinus Rubus adornatus Rubus adspersus Rubus ahenifolius Rubus alterniflorus Rubus ammobius Rubus amplificatus Rubus anglocandicans Rubus angustifrons Rubus armeniacus (syn. R. discolor) Rubus arrhenii Rubus atrichantherus Rubus axillaris Rubus bakerianus Rubus bavaricus Rubus bayeri Rubus bertramii Rubus bifrons Rubus bloxamianus Rubus bloxamii Rubus bollei Rubus boraeanus Rubus braeuckeri Rubus bregutiensis Rubus calvatus Rubus canescens Rubus cardiophyllus Rubus caucasicus Rubus chlorocladus Rubus chlorothyrsos Rubus chrysoxylon Rubus cimbricus Rubus cissburiensis Rubus clusii Rubus colemannii Rubus concolor Rubus conothyrsoides Rubus cordifolius Rubus cyri Rubus dasyphyllus Rubus divaricatus Rubus diversus Rubus drejeri Rubus dumnoniensis Rubus echinatoides Rubus echinatus Rubus egregius Rubus eianus Rubus ergii Rubus errabundus Rubus erythrops Rubus fissus Rubus foliosus Rubus formidabilis Rubus furvicolor Rubus fuscoater Rubus fuscus Rubus gelertii Rubus georgicus Rubus glandithyrsos Rubus glanduliger Rubus glandulosus Rubus godronii Rubus grabowskii Rubus gratus Rubus gremlii Rubus hartmanii Rubus hirtus Rubus hylophilus Rubus ieri Rubus inermis Rubus infestus Rubus insularis Rubus laciniatus Rubus lamprophyllus Rubus lespinassei Rubus leucostachys Rubus linkianus Rubus macrophyllus Rubus micans Rubus miszczenkoi Rubus montanus Rubus moschus Rubus mucronulatus Rubus mulleri Rubus nessensis Rubus nitidioides Rubus pedatifolius Rubus pedemontanus Rubus piceetorum Rubus plicatus Rubus polyanthemus Rubus praecox Rubus promachonicus Rubus pyramidalis Rubus radula Rubus rhamnifolius Rubus rhombifolius Rubus rosaceus Rubus rubritinctus Rubus rudis Rubus sanctus Rubus scheutzii Rubus schlechtendalii Rubus schleicheri Rubus senticosus Rubus separinus Rubus septentrionalis Rubus slesvicensis Rubus sprengelii Rubus sulcatus Rubus thyrsiflorus Rubus ulmifolius Rubus vestitus Rubus vigorosus Rubus vulgaris Sect. Setosi Rubus glandicaulis Rubus missouricus Rubus notatus Rubus semisetosus Rubus setosus Rubus stipulatus Rubus vermontanus Sect. Ursini Rubus × loganobaccus Rubus ursinus Sect. Verotriviales Rubus lucidus Rubus riograndis Rubus trivialis (Southern dewberry)

Fossil record[edit] Fossil seeds from the early Miocene of Rubus sp. have been found in the Czech part of the Zittau Basin. [11]

See also[edit] List of Lepidoptera that feed on Rubus

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Rubus FruticosusTaxonomy (biology)EPlantFlowering PlantEudicotsRosidsRosalesRosaceaeRosoideaeCarl LinnaeusType SpeciesRubus FruticosusSynonym (taxonomy)Barthélemy Charles Joseph DumortierEdward Lee GreeneDalibardaGenusFlowering PlantRoseRosaceaeRosoideaeRaspberryBlackberryDewberryFruitFruitDrupeletLoganberryBoysenberryMarionberryTayberryPlant SexualityRubus ChamaemorusBrambleLatinRubus AboriginumRubus AbundusRubus AculiferusRubus AdenocaulisRubus AdenotrichosRubus AdjacensRubus AlaskensisRubus AllegheniensisRubus AlnifoliusRubus AlpinusRubus AlterRubus AlumnusRubus AmpliorRubus AndrewsianusRubus ApogaeusRubus AptatusRubus ArcticusRubus ArcuansRubus ArenicolaRubus ArgutusRubus ArizonensisRubus ArmeniacusRubus ArvensisRubus AudaxRubus BaileyanusRubus BartonianusRubus BellobatusRubus BicknelliiRubus BiformispinusRubus BifronsRubus BigelovianusRubus BlanchardianusRubus BoyntoniiRubus BurnhamiiRubus BushiiRubus CaesiusRubus CanadensisRubus CentralisRubus ChamaemorusRubus ClarusRubus ConanicutensisRubus ConcameratusRubus CoriifoliusRubus CoronariusRubus CoreanusRubus CostaricanusRubus CubitansRubus CuneifoliusRubus CurtipesRubus DalibardaRubus DeamiiRubus DefectionisRubus DeliciosusRubus DensissimusRubus DepavitusRubus DiscolorRubus DissimilisRubus DomingensisRubus DurescensRubus DurusRubus EggersiiRubus ElegantulusRubus EllipticusRubus EmeritusRubus EriocarpusRubus ExeterRubus ExsularisRubus FagifoliusRubus FecundusRubus FelixRubus FerrugineusRubus FlagellarisRubus FlavinanusRubus FloricomusRubus FlorulentusRubus FraternalisRubus FrondisentisRubus FrondosusRubus FruticosusRubus FryeiRubus FurtivusRubus GeniculatusRubus GeoidesRubus GlandicaulisRubus GlaucifoliusRubus GlaucusRubus GnarusRubus GrimesiiRubus GriseusRubus GulosusRubus HancinianusRubus HanesiiRubus HarmonicusRubus HawaiensisRubus HeterophyllusRubus HispidoidesRubus HispidusRubus HochstetterorumRubus HumistratusRubus HuttoniiRubus HypolasiusRubus IctusRubus IdaeusRubus IllecebrosusRubus ImmanisRubus ImparRubus InclinisRubus InferiorRubus IniensRubus InsonsRubus InsulanusRubus InvisusRubus IrasuensisRubus IthacanusRubus JacensRubus JamaicensisRubus JunceusRubus KelloggiiRubus KennedyanusRubus LaciniatusRubus LargusRubus LasiococcusRubus LatensRubus LawrenceiRubus LeucodermisRubus LeviculusRubus LiebmanniiRubus LinkianusRubus LongiiRubus MacraeiRubus MacrogongylusRubus MacrophyllusRubus MacvaughiiRubus ManiseesensisRubus MeracusRubus MichiganensisRubus MirusRubus MiserRubus MissouricusRubus MolliorRubus MontensisRubus MultiferRubus MultiformisRubus MultispinusRubus NavusRubus NefrensRubus NelsoniiRubus NeomexicanusRubus NigerrimusRubus NivalisRubus NiveusRubus NotatusRubus NovanglicusRubus NoveboracusRubus NovocaesariusRubus ObsessusRubus ObviusRubus OccidentalisRubus OdoratusRubus OklahomusRubus OriginalisRubus OrtivusRubus OstryifoliusRubus PaganusRubus PalmeriRubus PaludivagusRubus ParcifrondiferRubus ParliniiRubus ParticepsRubus ParticularisRubus ParviflorusRubus ParvifoliusRubus PascuusRubus PedatusRubus PensilvanicusRubus PergratusRubus PermixtusRubus PernagaeusRubus PersistensRubus PerspicuusRubus PervariusRubus PhiladelphicusRubus PhilyrophyllusRubus PhoenicolasiusRubus PittieriRubus PlexusRubus PlicatifoliusRubus PlusRubus PorteriRubus PositivusRubus PrestonensisRubus PringleiRubus ProbabilisRubus ProbativusRubus ProbusRubus ProsperRubus ProvincialisRubus PubescensRubus PugnaxRubus PumilusRubus QuaesitusRubus RacemigerRubus RandolphiorumRubus RecurvansRubus RecurvicaulisRubus ReflexusRubus RegionalisRubus RepensRubus RiograndisRubus RoribaccusRubus RosaRubus RosariusRubus RosifoliusRubus RossbergianusRubus RusseusRubus RydbergianusRubus SaltuensisRubus SapidusRubus SaxatilisRubus ScambensRubus ScandensRubus SceleratusRubus SchiedeanusRubus SchoolcraftianusRubus SegnisRubus SemisetosusRubus SetosusRubus SeverusRubus SewardianusRubus SieboldiiRubus SignatusRubus SonsRubus SpectabilisRubus SpectatusRubus SteeleiRubus StipulatusRubus StrigosusRubus SuperbusRubus SupparRubus SuusRubus TardatusRubus TholiformisRubus TomentosusRubus TrichomallusRubus TrifidusRubus TrifronsRubus TrivialisRubus TuerckheimiiRubus TygartensisRubus UcetanusRubus UhdeanusRubus UlmifoliusRubus UniformisRubus UrsinusRubus UvidusRubus VariispinusRubus VeloxRubus Verae-crucisRubus VermontanusRubus VestitusRubus VigilisRubus VigoratusRubus VulcanicolaRubus WeatherbyiRubus WhartoniaeRubus WheeleriRubus WisconsinensisEnlargeRubus ArcticusEnlargeRubus OdoratusEnlargeRubus SaxatilisEnlargeRubus EllipticusEnlargeRubus UlmifoliusEnlargeRubus ChamaemorusHoughton, HampshireEnlargeRubus PhoenicolasiusEnlargeGenusApomictLoganberryBoysenberryMarionberryTayberryEnlargeRubus CaesiusEnlargeRubus ParviflorusBlackberryDewberryPolyploidyHybrid (biology)ApomixisSpeciesSystematic BotanyPloidySubgenusChromosome NumberPlant MorphologyWikipedia:Citation NeededSection (botany)EnlargeRubus IdaeusEnlargeRubus FruticosusEnlargeRubus LaciniatusEnlargeRubus HawaiensisEnlargeRubus SpectabilisEnlargeRubus StrigosusEnlargeRubus RosifoliusRubus AboriginumRubus DeliciosusRubus NeomexicanusRubus OdoratusRubus ParviflorusRubus Subg. ChamaebatusRubus CalycinusRubus Hayata-koidzumiiRubus NivalisRubus ChamaemorusRubus PseudochamaemorusRubus GeoidesRubus ArcticusRubus LasiococcusRubus PedatusRubus SaxatilisRubus SierraeRubus NepalensisRubus TricolorRubus AdenophorusRubus AmabilisRubus BiflorusRubus CockburnianusRubus CorchorifoliusRubus CoreanusRubus CrataegifoliusRubus EllipticusRubus HawaiensisRubus IdaeusRubus IllecebrosusRubus KomaroviiRubus LeucodermisRubus MacraeiRubus MinusculusRubus NiveusRubus OccidentalisRubus ParvifoliusRubus PhoenicolasiusRubus PinnatusRubus ProbusRubus RosifoliusRubus SachalinensisRubus SpectabilisRubus StrigosusRubus ThibetanusRubus TrifidusRubus AdenotrichosRubus CostaricanusRubus EggersiiRubus EriocarpusRubus FagifoliusRubus FlorulentusRubus GlabratusRubus GlaucusRubus IrasuensisRubus SapidusRubus TrichomallusRubus LambertianusRubus MoluccanusRubus RolfeiRubus SieboldiiRubus Subg. MicranthobatusRubus AustralisRubus CissoidesRubus ParvusRubus SchmidelioidesRubus SquarrosusRubus AllegheniensisRubus AlumnusRubus PennusRubus AbactusRubus AndrewsianusRubus ArgutusRubus FrondosusRubus OrariusRubus OstryifoliusRubus PensilvanicusRubus RecurvansRubus CaesiusRubus CanadensisRubus KennedyanusRubus CuneifoliusRubus ArundelanusRubus BiformispinusRubus DeamiiRubus EnsleniiRubus FlagellarisRubus HispidusRubus FruticosusRubus ArmeniacusRubus BifronsRubus CanescensRubus ConcolorRubus FuscusRubus InermisRubus LaciniatusRubus LinkianusRubus MacrophyllusRubus PlicatusRubus SanctusRubus UlmifoliusRubus VestitusRubus VulgarisRubus GlandicaulisRubus MissouricusRubus NotatusRubus SemisetosusRubus SetosusRubus StipulatusRubus VermontanusRubus × LoganobaccusRubus UrsinusRubus RiograndisRubus TrivialisFossilMioceneCzech RepublicZittauList Of Lepidoptera That Feed On RubusInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-19-534029-7International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-1-84533-434-5International Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/978-0-8493-2678-3Digital Object IdentifierJSTORPubMed IdentifierHelp:Taxon IdentifiersWikidataEncyclopedia Of LifeFloraBaseFlora Of ChinaFossilworksGlobal Biodiversity Information FacilityGermplasm Resources Information NetworkINaturalistInternational Plant Names IndexIntegrated Taxonomic Information SystemNational Center For Biotechnology InformationNatural Resources Conservation ServiceTropicosWorld Register Of Marine SpeciesWikispecies:RubusWestern Kentucky UniversityHelp:CategoryCategory:RubusCategory:Articles With 'species' MicroformatsCategory:All Articles With Unsourced StatementsCategory:Articles With Unsourced Statements From January 2010Discussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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