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Description[edit] Elephant seals take their name from the large proboscis of the adult male (bull), which resembles an elephant's trunk.[6] The bull's proboscis is used in producing extraordinarily loud roaring noises, especially during the mating season. More importantly, however, the nose acts as a sort of rebreather, filled with cavities designed to reabsorb moisture from their exhalations.[7] This is important during the mating season when the seals do not leave the beach to feed, and must conserve body moisture as there is no incoming source of water. They are colossally large in comparison with other pinnipeds, with southern elephant seal bulls typically reaching a length of 5 m (16 ft) and a weight of 3,000 kg (6,600 lb), and are much larger than the adult females (cows), with some exceptionally large males reaching up to 6 m (20 ft) in length and weighing 4,000 kg (8,800 lb); cows typically measure about 3 m (10 ft) and 900 kg (2,000 lb). Northern elephant seal bulls reach a length of 4.3 to 4.8 m (14 to 16 ft) and the heaviest weigh about 2,500 kg (5,500 lb).[8][9]

Extant Species[edit] Image Scientific name Common Name Distribution M. angustirostris northern elephant seal eastern Pacific Ocean M. leonina southern elephant seal South Atlantic

Physiology[edit] Skull of a northern elephant seal. Elephant seals spend up to 80% of their lives in the ocean. They can hold their breath for more than 100 minutes[10][11] – longer than any other noncetacean mammal. Elephant seals dive to 1,550 m beneath the ocean's surface[10] (the deepest recorded dive of an elephant seal is 2,388 m (7,835 ft) by a southern elephant seal).[12] The average depth of their dives is about 300 to 600 m (980 to 1,970 ft), typically for around 20 minutes for females and 60 minutes for males, as they search for their favorite foods, which are skates, rays, squid, octopi, eels, small sharks and large fish. Their stomachs also often contain gastroliths. While excellent swimmers, they are also capable of rapid movement on land. Play media Male elephant seals fighting for mates. Elephant seals are shielded from extreme cold by their blubber, more so than by fur. Their hair and outer layers of skin molt in large patches. The skin has to be regrown by blood vessels reaching through the blubber. When molting occurs, the seal is susceptible to the cold, and must rest on land, in a safe place called a "haul out". Northern males and young adults haul out during June to July to molt; northern females and immature seals during April to May. Elephant seals have a very large volume of blood, allowing them to hold a large amount of oxygen for use when diving. They have large sinuses in their abdomens to hold blood and can also store oxygen in their muscles with increased myoglobin concentrations in muscle. In addition, they have a larger proportion of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. These adaptations allow elephant seals to dive to such depths and remain underwater for up to two hours.[13] Milk produced by elephant seals is remarkably high in milkfat compared to other mammals. After an initially lower state, it rises to over 50% milkfat (human breast milk is about 4% milkfat, and cow milk is about 3.5% milkfat).[14]

Life history[edit] The average lifespan of a Northern Elephant Seal is 9 years, while the average lifespan of a Southern Elephant Seal is 20–22 years.[15] Males reach maturity at five to six years, but generally do not achieve alpha status until the age of eight, with the prime breeding years being between ages 9 and 12. The longest life expectancy of a male northern elephant seal is approximately 14 years. Females begin breeding at age 3–6 (median=4), and have one pup per breeding attempt.[16] Once they begin breeding, 79% of adult females breed each year.[17] Breeding success is much lower for first-time mothers relative to experienced breeders.[17] Annual survival probability of adult females is 0.83 for experienced breeding females, but only 0.66 for first-time breeders indicating a significant cost of reproduction.[17] More male pups are produced than female pups in years with warmer sea surface temperature in the northeastern Pacific Ocean.[18]

Status[edit] The IUCN lists both species of elephant seal as being of least concern, although they are still threatened by entanglement in marine debris, fishery interactions, and boat collisions. Though a complete population count of elephant seals is not possible because all age classes are not ashore at the same time, the most recent estimate of the California breeding stock was approximately 124,000 individuals. In the United States, the elephant seal, like all marine mammals, is protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), passed in 1972, which outlaws hunting, killing, capture, and harassment of the animal.[19]

Gallery[edit] South Georgia elephant seal Elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) on Piedras Blancas beach, near San Simeon, California Male, female and pup Northern elephant seals during molting season at Piedras Blancas beach, near San Simeon, California Two bulls fighting Elephant seal snout Juvenile southern elephant seal Beachmasters, the dominant bulls fighting at Macquarie Island Elephant seals at Piedras Blancas, California

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Somalian slender mongoose (G. ochracea) Cape gray mongoose (G. pulverulenta) Slender mongoose (G. sanguinea) Helogale Ethiopian dwarf mongoose (H. hirtula) Common dwarf mongoose (H. parvula) Herpestes Short-tailed mongoose (H. brachyurus) Indian gray mongoose (H. edwardsii) Indian brown mongoose (H. fuscus) Egyptian mongoose (H. ichneumon) Small Asian mongoose (H. javanicus) Long-nosed mongoose (H. naso) Collared mongoose (H. semitorquatus) Ruddy mongoose (H. smithii) Crab-eating mongoose (H. urva) Stripe-necked mongoose (H. vitticollis) Ichneumia White-tailed mongoose (I. albicauda) Liberiictus Liberian mongoose (L. kuhni) Mungos Gambian mongoose (M. gambianus) Banded mongoose (M. mungo) Paracynictis Selous' mongoose (P. selousi) Rhynchogale Meller's mongoose (R. melleri) Suricata Meerkat (S. suricatta) Hyaenidae (Hyenas) Crocuta Spotted hyena (C. crocuta) Hyaena Brown hyena (H. brunnea) Striped hyena (H. hyaena) Proteles Aardwolf (P. cristatus) Felidae Large family listed below Viverridae Large family listed below Eupleridae Small family listed below Family Felidae Felinae Acinonyx Cheetah (A. jubatus) Caracal Caracal (C. caracal) African golden cat (C. aurata) Catopuma Bay cat (C. badia) Asian golden cat (C. temminckii) Felis Wildcat (F. silvestris) Jungle cat (F. chaus) Black-footed cat (F. nigripes) Sand cat (F. margarita) Chinese mountain cat (F. bieti) Domestic cat (F. catus) Leopardus Pantanal cat (L. braccatus) Colocolo (L. colocolo) Geoffroy's cat (L. geoffroyi) Kodkod (L. guigna) Southern tigrina (L. guttulus) Andean mountain cat (L. jacobita) Pampas cat (L. pajeros) Ocelot (L. pardalis) Oncilla (L. tigrinus) Margay (L. wiedii) Leptailurus Serval (L. serval) Lynx Canadian lynx (L. canadensis) Eurasian lynx (L. lynx) Iberian lynx (L. pardinus) Bobcat (L. rufus) Otocolobus Pallas's cat (O. manul) Pardofelis Marbled cat (P. marmorata) Prionailurus Fishing cat (P. viverrinus) Leopard cat (P. bengalensis) Sundaland leopard cat (P. javanensis) Flat-headed cat (P. planiceps) Rusty-spotted cat (P. rubiginosus) Puma Cougar (P. concolor) Jaguarundi (P. yagouaroundi) Pantherinae Panthera Lion (P. leo) Jaguar (P. onca) Leopard (P. pardus) Tiger (P. tigris) Snow leopard (P. uncia) Neofelis Clouded leopard (N. nebulosa) Sunda clouded leopard (N. diardi) Family Viverridae (includes Civets) Paradoxurinae Arctictis Binturong (A. binturong) Arctogalidia Small-toothed palm civet (A. trivirgata) Macrogalidia Sulawesi palm civet (M. musschenbroekii) Paguma Masked palm civet (P. larvata) Paradoxurus Golden wet-zone palm civet (P. aureus) Asian palm civet (P. hermaphroditus) Jerdon's palm civet (P. jerdoni) Golden palm civet (P. zeylonensis) Hemigalinae Chrotogale Owston's palm civet (C. owstoni) Cynogale Otter civet (C. bennettii) Diplogale Hose's palm civet (D. hosei) Hemigalus Banded palm civet (H. derbyanus) Prionodontinae (Asiatic linsangs) Prionodon Banded linsang (P. linsang) Spotted linsang (P. pardicolor) Viverrinae Civettictis African civet (C. civetta) Genetta (Genets) Abyssinian genet (G. abyssinica) Angolan genet (G. angolensis) Bourlon's genet (G. bourloni) Crested servaline genet (G. cristata) Common genet (G. genetta) Johnston's genet (G. johnstoni) Rusty-spotted genet (G. maculata) Pardine genet (G. pardina) Aquatic genet (G. piscivora) King genet (G. poensis) Servaline genet (G. servalina) Haussa genet (G. thierryi) Cape genet (G. tigrina) Giant forest genet (G. victoriae) Poiana African linsang (P. richardsonii) Leighton's linsang (P. leightoni) Viverra Malabar large-spotted civet (V. civettina) Large-spotted civet (V. megaspila) Malayan civet (V. tangalunga) Large Indian civet (V. zibetha) Viverricula Small Indian civet (V. indica) Family Eupleridae Euplerinae Cryptoprocta Fossa (C. ferox) Eupleres Eastern falanouc (E. goudotii) Western falanouc (E. major) Fossa Malagasy civet (F. fossana) Galidiinae Galidia Ring-tailed mongoose (G. elegans) Galidictis Broad-striped Malagasy mongoose (G. fasciata) Grandidier's mongoose (G. grandidieri) Mungotictis Narrow-striped mongoose (M. decemlineata) Salanoia Brown-tailed mongoose (S. concolor) Durrell's vontsira (S. durrelli) Suborder Caniformia (cont. below) Ursidae (Bears) Ailuropoda Giant panda (A. melanoleuca) Helarctos Sun bear (H. malayanus) Melursus Sloth bear (M. ursinus) Tremarctos Spectacled bear (T. ornatus) Ursus American black bear (U. americanus) Brown bear (U. arctos) Polar bear (U. maritimus) Asian black bear (U. thibetanus) Mephitidae Conepatus (Hog-nosed skunks) Molina's hog-nosed skunk (C. chinga) Humboldt's hog-nosed skunk (C. humboldtii) American hog-nosed skunk (C. leuconotus) Striped hog-nosed skunk (C. semistriatus) Mephitis Hooded skunk (M. macroura) Striped skunk (M. mephitis) Mydaus Sunda stink badger (M. javanensis) Palawan stink badger (M. marchei) Spilogale (Spotted skunks) Southern spotted skunk (S. angustifrons) Western spotted skunk (S. gracilis) Eastern spotted skunk (S. putorius) Pygmy spotted skunk (S. pygmaea) Procyonidae Bassaricyon (Olingos) Eastern lowland olingo (B. alleni) Northern olingo (B. gabbii) Western lowland olingo (B. medius) Olinguito (B. neblina) Bassariscus Ring-tailed cat (B. astutus) Cacomistle (B. sumichrasti) Nasua (Coatis inclusive) White-nosed coati (N. narica) South American coati (N. nasua) Nasuella (Coatis inclusive) Western mountain coati (N. olivacea) Eastern mountain coati (N. meridensis) Potos Kinkajou (P. flavus) Procyon Crab-eating raccoon (P. cancrivorus) Raccoon (P. lotor) Cozumel raccoon (P. pygmaeus) Ailuridae Ailurus Red panda (A. fulgens) Suborder Caniformia (cont. above) Otariidae (Eared seals) (includes fur seals and sea lions) (Pinniped inclusive) Arctocephalus South American fur seal (A. australis) Australasian fur seal (A. forsteri) Galápagos fur seal (A. galapagoensis) Antarctic fur seal (A. gazella) Juan Fernández fur seal (A. philippii) Brown fur seal (A. pusillus) Guadalupe fur seal (A. townsendi) Subantarctic fur seal (A. tropicalis) Callorhinus Northern fur seal (C. ursinus) Eumetopias Steller sea lion (E. jubatus) Neophoca Australian sea lion (N. cinerea) Otaria South American sea lion (O. flavescens) Phocarctos New Zealand sea lion (P. hookeri) Zalophus California sea lion (Z. californianus) Galápagos sea lion (Z. wollebaeki) Odobenidae (Pinniped inclusive) Odobenus Walrus (O. rosmarus) Phocidae (Earless seals) (Pinniped inclusive) Cystophora Hooded seal (C. cristata) Erignathus Bearded seal (E. barbatus) Halichoerus Gray seal (H. grypus) Histriophoca Ribbon seal (H. fasciata) Hydrurga Leopard seal (H. leptonyx) Leptonychotes Weddell seal (L. weddellii) Lobodon Crabeater seal (L. carcinophagus) Mirounga (Elephant seals) Northern elephant seal (M. angustirostris) Southern elephant seal (M. leonina) Monachus Mediterranean monk seal (M. monachus) Hawaiian monk seal (M. schauinslandi) Ommatophoca Ross seal (O. rossi) Pagophilus Harp seal (P. groenlandicus) Phoca Spotted seal (P. largha) Harbor seal (P. vitulina) Pusa Caspian seal (P. caspica) Ringed seal (P. hispida) Baikal seal (P. sibirica) Canidae Large family listed below Mustelidae Large family listed below Family Canidae (includes dogs) Atelocynus Short-eared dog (A. microtis) Canis Side-striped jackal (C. adustus) African golden wolf (C. anthus) Golden jackal (C. aureus) Coyote (C. latrans) Gray wolf (C. lupus) Black-backed jackal (C. mesomelas) Red wolf (C. rufus) Ethiopian wolf (C. simensis) Cerdocyon Crab-eating fox (C. thous) Chrysocyon Maned wolf (C. brachyurus) Cuon Dhole (C. alpinus) Lycalopex Culpeo (L. culpaeus) Darwin's fox (L. fulvipes) South American gray fox (L. griseus) Pampas fox (L. gymnocercus) Sechuran fox (L. sechurae) Hoary fox (L. vetulus) Lycaon African wild dog (L. pictus) Nyctereutes Raccoon dog (N. procyonoides) Otocyon Bat-eared fox (O. megalotis) Speothos Bush dog (S. venaticus) Urocyon Gray fox (U. cinereoargenteus) Island fox (U. littoralis) Vulpes (Foxes) Bengal fox (V. bengalensis) Blanford's fox (V. cana) Cape fox (V. chama) Corsac fox (V. corsac) Tibetan sand fox (V. ferrilata) Arctic fox (V. lagopus) Kit fox (V. macrotis) Pale fox (V. pallida) Rüppell's fox (V. rueppelli) Swift fox (V. velox) Red fox (V. vulpes) Fennec fox (V. zerda) Family Mustelidae Lutrinae (Otters) Aonyx African clawless otter (A. capensis) Oriental small-clawed otter (A. cinerea) Enhydra Sea otter (E. lutris) Hydrictis Spotted-necked otter (H. maculicollis) Lontra North American river otter (L. canadensis) Marine otter (L. felina) Neotropical otter (L. longicaudis) Southern river otter (L. provocax) Lutra Eurasian otter (L. lutra) Hairy-nosed otter (L. sumatrana) Lutrogale Smooth-coated otter (L. perspicillata) Pteronura Giant otter (P. brasiliensis) Mustelinae (including badgers) Arctonyx Hog badger (A. collaris) Eira Tayra (E. barbara) Galictis Lesser grison (G. cuja) Greater grison (G. vittata) Gulo Wolverine (G. gulo) Ictonyx Saharan striped polecat (I. libyca) Striped polecat (I. striatus) Lyncodon Patagonian weasel (L. patagonicus) Martes (Martens) American marten (M. americana) Yellow-throated marten (M. flavigula) Beech marten (M. foina) Nilgiri marten (M. gwatkinsii) European pine marten (M. martes) Japanese marten (M. melampus) Fisher (M. pennanti) Sable (M. zibellina) Meles Japanese badger (M. anakuma) Asian badger (M. leucurus) European badger (M. meles) Mellivora Honey badger (M. capensis) Melogale (Ferret-badgers) Bornean ferret-badger (M. everetti) Chinese ferret-badger (M. moschata) Javan ferret-badger (M. orientalis) Burmese ferret-badger (M. personata) Mustela (Weasels and Ferrets) Amazon weasel (M. africana) Mountain weasel (M. altaica) Stoat (M. erminea) Steppe polecat (M. eversmannii) Colombian weasel (M. felipei) Long-tailed weasel (M. frenata) Japanese weasel (M. itatsi) Yellow-bellied weasel (M. kathiah) European mink (M. lutreola) Indonesian mountain weasel (M. lutreolina) Black-footed ferret (M. nigripes) Least weasel (M. nivalis) Malayan weasel (M. nudipes) European polecat (M. putorius) Siberian weasel (M. sibirica) Back-striped weasel (M. strigidorsa) Egyptian weasel (M. subpalmata) Neovison (Minks) American mink (N. vison) Poecilogale African striped weasel (P. albinucha) Taxidea American badger (T. taxus) Vormela Marbled polecat (V. peregusna) Taxon identifiers Wd: Q185231 ADW: Mirounga EoL: 42397 Fossilworks: 53277 GBIF: 2434812 ITIS: 180670 MSW: 14001047 NCBI: 9714 WoRMS: 231398 Retrieved from "" Categories: MiroungaHidden categories: Wikipedia pending changes protected pagesWikipedia indefinitely move-protected pagesArticles with 'species' microformatsArticles containing video clips

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LeopardViverridaeCivetParadoxurinaeBinturongBinturongSmall-toothed Palm CivetSmall-toothed Palm CivetSulawesi Palm CivetSulawesi Palm CivetMasked Palm CivetMasked Palm CivetParadoxurusParadoxurus AureusAsian Palm CivetBrown Palm CivetGolden Palm CivetHemigalinaeOwston's Palm CivetOwston's Palm CivetOtter CivetOtter CivetHose's Palm CivetHose's Palm CivetBanded Palm CivetBanded Palm CivetAsiatic LinsangAsiatic LinsangBanded LinsangSpotted LinsangViverrinaeAfrican CivetAfrican CivetGenet (animal)Abyssinian GenetAngolan GenetBourlon's GenetCrested Servaline GenetCommon GenetJohnston's GenetRusty-spotted GenetPardine GenetAquatic GenetKing GenetServaline GenetHaussa GenetCape GenetGiant Forest GenetPoiana (genus)African LinsangLeighton's LinsangViverraMalabar Large-spotted CivetLarge-spotted CivetMalayan CivetLarge Indian CivetSmall Indian CivetSmall Indian CivetEupleridaeEuplerinaeFossa (animal)Fossa (animal)EupleresEastern FalanoucEupleres MajorMalagasy CivetMalagasy CivetGalidiinaeRing-tailed MongooseRing-tailed MongooseGalidictisBroad-striped Malagasy MongooseGrandidier's MongooseNarrow-striped MongooseNarrow-striped MongooseSalanoiaBrown-tailed MongooseSalanoia DurrelliCaniformiaBearAiluropodaGiant PandaSun BearSun BearSloth BearSloth BearSpectacled BearSpectacled BearUrsus (genus)American Black BearBrown BearPolar BearAsian Black BearMephitidaeHog-nosed SkunkMolina's Hog-nosed SkunkHumboldt's Hog-nosed SkunkAmerican Hog-nosed SkunkStriped Hog-nosed SkunkMephitis (genus)Hooded SkunkStriped SkunkStink BadgerSunda Stink BadgerPalawan Stink BadgerSpotted SkunkSouthern Spotted SkunkWestern Spotted SkunkEastern Spotted SkunkPygmy Spotted SkunkProcyonidaeBassaricyonEastern Lowland OlingoNorthern OlingoWestern Lowland OlingoOlinguitoBassariscusRing-tailed CatCacomistleNasuaCoatiWhite-nosed CoatiSouth American CoatiNasuellaCoatiNasuella OlivaceaNasuella MeridensisKinkajouKinkajouProcyon (genus)Crab-eating RaccoonRaccoonCozumel RaccoonAiluridaeRed PandaRed PandaCaniformiaEared SealFur SealSea LionPinnipedArctocephalusSouth American Fur SealArctocephalus ForsteriGalápagos Fur SealAntarctic Fur SealJuan Fernández Fur SealBrown Fur SealGuadalupe Fur SealSubantarctic Fur SealNorthern Fur SealNorthern Fur SealSteller Sea LionSteller Sea LionNeophocaAustralian Sea LionSouth American Sea LionSouth American Sea LionNew Zealand Sea LionNew Zealand Sea LionZalophusCalifornia Sea LionGalápagos Sea LionWalrusPinnipedWalrusWalrusEarless SealPinnipedHooded SealHooded SealBearded SealBearded SealGrey SealGrey SealRibbon SealRibbon SealLeopard SealLeopard SealWeddell SealWeddell SealCrabeater SealCrabeater SealNorthern Elephant SealSouthern Elephant SealMonk SealMediterranean Monk SealHawaiian Monk SealRoss SealRoss SealHarp SealHarp SealPhocaSpotted SealHarbor SealPusaCaspian SealRinged SealBaikal SealCanidaeMustelidaeCanidaeDogShort-eared DogShort-eared DogCanisSide-striped JackalAfrican Golden WolfGolden JackalCoyoteGray WolfBlack-backed JackalRed WolfEthiopian WolfCrab-eating FoxCrab-eating FoxManed WolfManed WolfDholeDholeLycalopexCulpeoDarwin's FoxSouth American Gray FoxPampas FoxSechuran FoxHoary FoxAfrican Wild DogAfrican Wild DogNyctereutesRaccoon DogBat-eared FoxBat-eared FoxSpeothosBush DogUrocyonGray FoxIsland FoxVulpesFoxBengal FoxBlanford's FoxCape FoxCorsac FoxTibetan Sand FoxArctic FoxKit FoxPale FoxRüppell's FoxSwift FoxRed FoxFennec FoxMustelidaeOtterAonyxAfrican Clawless OtterOriental Small-clawed OtterSea OtterSea OtterSpotted-necked OtterSpotted-necked OtterLontraNorth American River OtterMarine OtterNeotropical OtterSouthern River OtterLutraEurasian OtterHairy-nosed OtterLutrogaleSmooth-coated OtterGiant OtterGiant OtterMustelinaeBadgerHog BadgerHog BadgerTayraTayraGalictisLesser GrisonGreater GrisonWolverineWolverineIctonyxSaharan Striped PolecatStriped PolecatPatagonian WeaselPatagonian WeaselMartenAmerican MartenYellow-throated MartenBeech MartenNilgiri MartenEuropean Pine MartenJapanese MartenFisher (animal)SableMeles (genus)Japanese BadgerAsian BadgerEuropean BadgerHoney BadgerHoney BadgerFerret-badgerBornean Ferret-badgerChinese Ferret-badgerJavan Ferret-badgerBurmese Ferret-badgerWeaselWeaselFerretAmazon WeaselMountain WeaselStoatSteppe PolecatColombian WeaselLong-tailed WeaselJapanese WeaselYellow-bellied WeaselEuropean MinkIndonesian Mountain WeaselBlack-footed FerretLeast WeaselMalayan WeaselEuropean PolecatSiberian WeaselBack-striped WeaselEgyptian WeaselAmerican MinkMinkAmerican MinkAfrican Striped WeaselAfrican Striped WeaselAmerican BadgerAmerican BadgerMarbled PolecatMarbled PolecatHelp:Taxon IdentifiersWikidataAnimal Diversity WebEncyclopedia Of LifeFossilworksGlobal Biodiversity Information FacilityIntegrated Taxonomic Information SystemMammal Species Of The WorldNational Center For Biotechnology InformationWorld Register Of Marine SpeciesHelp:CategoryCategory:MiroungaCategory:Wikipedia Pending Changes Protected PagesCategory:Wikipedia Indefinitely 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